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Instant container


Water tank


DEMY - 1 (bez tła).png

screen diagonal 10.1"

Hot water spout

providing yet
higher efficiency

High performance

DEMY is equipped with two large steam and water boilers. This is the key to high performance, which goes hand in hand with the consistently top quality of the drinks dispensed. The high quality of the materials used to make this machine guarantees its reliability.

DEMY (4) (1).png
wylewka goracej wody.jpg

Hot chocolate /
hot water spout

DEMY’s special feature is the ability to prepare instant products. In addition to excellent coffee, customers are also able to select tasty chocolate. The separate hot water spout that will meet the needs of all tea lovers is an additional advantage.

Payment system

Thanks to the ability to connect to the MDB system, DEMY is a perfect device for self‐service places. For example, it is an ideal solution for stand-alone unmanned Coffee Spots.

system platnosci 1.png
demy personalizowana 2.jpg

Advertising content

The ability to upload your own marketing materials in the form of photos (jpg) and display them while the drinks are served to your customers.

Two large tanks
demy instant.png

Large beans tanks with a capacity of 1500 g and an instant product container with a capacity of 1200 g.

Własne receptury
demy recept.png

Tworzenie i edycja ulubionych receptur  pozwala dostosować podawane napoje do potrzeb klientów.

Top performance
demy najwydajn.png

The daily capacity of the DEMY device according to DIN18873‐2 is as much as 200 coffee drinks a day.

Steel drip tray
demy taca.png

A solid drip tray is a guarantee of durability, which is the key to the coffee machine’s high performance.

Brewing unit
demy 7 21.png

The adjustable brewing unit with a capacity from 7 to 21 g allows you to adjust the device to your needs.

Tap water supply connection
demy woda.png

Tap water supply and drain system connection means minimum servicing activities.

Technical Sheet:


Dimensions (W*H*D)


Outlet height

8 - 18 cm


16.5 kg

Rated voltage/power

220-240V / 2900W



Tap water supply

Thermoblock heating system

1x boiler


Water barrel

Active monitoring of the amount of coffee beans

Water tank capacity




Drip tray capacity

1,5 l

One touch

Beans hopper



Instant container

1200 g

Tank capacity

for coffee grounds

about 70 servings

(at 10g / pcs)

Hot water spout

Drain connection

Automatic milk system cleaning

Type of grinder




Individual profiles

Dual pump system


Automatic milk system cleaning

Adjustable brewing unit

7 - 21 g

Payment system

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