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MyCoffee function

Your 4 favorite coffee specialties

available at one button

Adjustable spout

7-14 cm

FREE 2-min.png
Wide selection of drinks

15 ready-made menu items

Phenomenal foaming system

Efficient foaming system, easy to maintain

Always perfectly frothed foam or an Americano made from freshly ground coffee are just two of over 10 coffee proposals included in the FREE menu that you can serve to your guests.
at home or with colleagues in a small office. Four MyCoffee profiles with selected favorite drinks will make operating the coffee machine even faster and easier. I will enter the FREE format
to places where very compact solutions are needed.

Ground coffee function

Convenient menu


The wide menu includes 15 proposals that will make your day even better. Ready-made coffee recipes available at the touch of a button make serving coffee easy and quick. Enjoy the best coffee during your morning breakfast with your favorite cup of coffee, or during a meeting with friends.

Phenomenal milk frothing system

If you are a lover of coffee with milk, the FREE format will positively surprise you with its velvety foam.

FREE 4-min.png
MY COFFEE-min.png


Four configurations of your favorite drinks available at one button. Save your items and enjoy your coffee whenever you need it.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining the FREE format is very simple. By taking care of your coffee machine, you will always enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee. FREE will remind you of all the most important activities and guide you through the most important steps.


Technical data:


Dimensions (W*H*D)


Outlet height

7 - 14 cm



Rated voltage/power

220-240V / 1400W



Tap water supply

Thermoblock heating system



Water barrel

Active monitoring of the quantity of coffee beans

Water tank capacity

1.3 l



Drip tray capacity

600 ml

One touch

Beans hopper


200 g

Replaceable foaming nozzle tip

Tank capacity

for coffee grounds

about 10 servings

(at 10g / pcs)

DIY coffee

Drain connection

ECO mode

Type of grinder


My Coffee profiles

Adjustable brewing unit

5 - 12g

Automatic cleaning of the milk system

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